The continued growth of the recreational boating industry in the 1980s resulted in an increasing demand of on-board protection and comfort equipment from the market. Outdoor equipment professionals seized this opportunity to work closely with boat builders to develop lines of products that would fit their various models.

Innovative marine fabrics with unparalleled performance and new manufacturing processes have allowed to create high quality equipment that answer the needs of marine professionals and boat owners.

As the Chief Executive of NV Equipment from 2002 to 2006 and the founder of T-Top in 2007, I’ve had the privilege to see the outdoor equipment industry grow in Europe.

Today, as the design and the use of boats keeps evolving, it is a new challenge that I am taking up with the creation of CHX Marine.

My vision is to create a business model that support our distributors and to build a product offer that keeps up with the needs of the new generation of boat lovers.

It is an honor to make your time on the water a comfortable one!

Domenico Furci
CEO, CHX Marine


Domenico Furci